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Meet Your Board!

President: Brian Hollingsworth

Vice President: Ed Ignacio

VP of Finance: Susan Hollingsworth

Treasurer: Nancy Bhatti

Secretary: Jennifer Perilla

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Auxiliary Board!

Fundraising Co-Coordinators: Hannah Kelly/Sonny Forman

Social Coordinator: Jen Blahm

Media Coordinator: Jamie Schultz

Snack Food Coordinator: Amy Meyers

Team Parent Excel Bronze - Lisa Cahill- [email protected] (with Assistance from Becky Sturgill)

Team Parent Excel Silver - Mindy Diepnbrock- [email protected] (with Assistance from Tracy Holladay)

Team Parent Excel Gold - Maggie Smith- [email protected]

Team Parent Level 3 - Jamie Delia

Team Parent Level 4 - Christine Fox

Team Parent Level 6 - Ann Kim

Team Parent Level 7 - Susan Beckworth

Team Parent Level 8 - Susan Beckworth

Meeting Minutes!

Proposed Payment Schedule!