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Payment Schedule!

1. The Uniform Payment #2 is included. This is due Sept 30. Xcel and compulsory…this is for the warm-ups. Optionals…this is for the warm-ups and the competition leo. If your daughter does not need a new optionals leo, or both parts of the warm-ups, please talk to your team parent.

2. The dates for the next two Meet Fees have changed. They are now Oct 16, and Nov 16. This was done so that you are not paying BRAG and the BRBC at the same time!

3. The three Team Dues installments have been added together and put into one payment. This is now due Feb 16. If you would still like to pay this in installments, you are most welcome to do so, just make sure the whole amount has been paid by the due date. NOTE….If your daughter competed last year on a BRAG team, you have a fundraising credit. This credit was subtracted from the total Team Dues amount and is shown in the second Team Dues column. This is your amount due. If you are brand new to BRAG, or did not compete last year, your amount due is in the first Team Dues column.

Now that we are registering for meets, it is very important to get payments in on time. If you are not up to date with your payments at the time of a registration, your daughter will not be registered in that meet.

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to ask either your Team Parent, or any of the Board members.

Payment Options!

PayPal (coming soon)

See BRBC Treasurer